Look For the Ladbrokes Bingo Fairy

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Ladbrokes Bingo is the place to be if you are waiting for the bingo fairy to make an appearance. The story is that she will be arriving on the site on Christmas Eve for online bingo players. The fairy has outshined Santa this season as she has a lot of cash in her sack to give out to players on the site. If you are looking to get a share of the £100,000 that she has in prizes, make sure you are on Ladbrokes Bingo on Christmas Eve. Those who play on Ladbrokes Bingo on a regular basis know who the bingo fairy is and know that when you see the fairy enter the chat room you are in, you are going to see a great prize go out to the winner.

You never know where the Christmas bingo fairy will show up on Christmas Eve and you will just have to keep your eyes open while you are playing on the site. All you have to do is play the games and watch the chat room for her to make an appearance. She will be loaded with some cash prizes to dole out as she moves through the bingo site. As mentioned, she will have £100,000 to give away to the lucky winners on this fun bingo night so there are sure to be some happy bingo players on Ladbrokes Bingo on that particular night.

Ladbrokes Bingo is also about to deliver some free online bingo for their players. There are plenty of free games for you to take part in if you want to play free online bingo. The free games start on December 23rd and continue all the way through the holidays. These free games give you a chance to win some great cash prizes for no money. This is a great holiday gift to you from Ladbrokes Bingo. Each day the free games are available, you just log in to the site between eleven am and one pm and then again from six pm to eight pm.

There is a good mix of games on Ladbrokes Bingo and you will find some cash games as well as free games you can play for cash and prizes. Don’t miss out on your chance to win some fabulous prizes with Ladbrokes Bingo - the fun way to play online bingo. There are plenty of ways to play on the site and you are sure to find a game that you will enjoy. So, whether it’s a free game or a cash game, you will be in for something special at Ladbrokes Bingo this Christmas.

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