Celebrate a Month of Love on Ladbrokes Bingo

There is one site online that will be celebrating right up until Valentine’s Day in their online bingo games.  All of the promotions on Ladbrokes Bingo will be geared toward love, and some of the greatest prizes can be won in these games.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you will find that there is a new feeling on Ladbrokes Bingo and they have decided to make their site the most romantic available.

The people at Ladbrokes Bingo have decided that there is just too much to offer for just one day of the year, which is why they have decided to keep their Valentine’s Day promotions taking place all through the month.

The first thing that you will find is a brand new exclusive bingo room on the site.  While this may not seem like big news, it really is a wonderful chance to win some prizes and have some fun while you are there.  January 30th until February 10th will give you the chance to pay and play through £35 in ninety ball bingo in the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, Lucky Loft, and the Bedroom.  Then you will get access to this exclusive bingo room.

The room will be available on Valentine’s Day from seven pm until nine pm for some really special treats and fun for all the players lucky enough to get into the room.  There will be a final game of bingo in the room that is free to get into and will offer the winner with £2500.

That’ not all you will find on Ladbrokes Bingo in the most romantic month of the year.  You will find many special treats available for you all during the month including free bingo and a game that will have you coming up with the cheesiest pick up lines that you know.  February promises to be a fun month on Ladbrokes Bingo so make sure that you get in on all the fun and excitement during this time. 

Share the love on Ladbrokes Bingo all through the month of February and for all those who are familiar with this online bingo site, you know that there is always something special taking place for the players.  Ladbrokes Bingo is well known for creating some of the most fun games in online bingo and giving away some very generous prizes to the winners.  If you are looking for a great place to play your online bingo you really can’t go wrong with Ladbrokes Bingo.

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