£50,000 Snap Jackpot on Sun Bingo

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Head on over to Sun Bingo to play the great Snap game that is becoming a hit among all the players on the site. Sun Bingo has really become the place to be for all the best online bingo and a fun time for all players when you check out all that there is to offer you on Sun Bingo.

Snap is the latest game on Sun Bingo that has created quite a sensation. There is £50,000 up for you to win and there have been some winners already in this fun new game. The jackpots in this game are some of the best that you will find on any of the sites in the online bingo industry.

Snap is an easy game for you to play. There are five Snap clubs where you can vet various amounts on the game. The clubs each have a chat room where you can play with others who are enjoying this exciting game. You will have a chance to buy up to five cards in each game. When you confirm your purchase, your cards will be revealed to you. Just look for the five letters S N A P and if you have all five, you have a winning hand. If you are the first player to get the SNAP letters you are the winner of the jackpot.

There is more taking place on Sun Bingo than just the Snap game, however. If you are looking for some low cost ways to play online bingo, check out the bargains that are on offer at Sun Bingo. There are games on the site that will cost you only 5p to play. The prizes are outstanding on these low cost games. There are some fun bargain progressive jackpot games that could win you a huge jackpot. Look for the bargain bingo rooms on Sun Bingo to play for a little and win a lot.

Don’t forget about the instant games on Sun Bingo. There is Whack-a-Moley, Gold Digger, Wags Shopping Spree, Poochie Racers, Instant Wingo and much more for you to play and win on Sun Bingo. There are fabulous prizes and many of the games will only cost you 1p to play and win. Now that you know just some of the fun things happening on Sun Bingo, it’s time to head over and begin playing the games to win. Look for the bargain games on Sun Bingo for your best chance to play a lot of bingo without spending a fortune.

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