Hamilton cleaner wins £1,167,795 Platinum Bingo jackpot

  • Posted by: Des | Date April 5th, 2009

Although online bingo is slowly replacing traditional bingo halls, the competition is still tough. UK Bingo has announced that a player has hit the largest ever jackpot by winning £1,167,795.

The winner is Soraya Lowell, a 38-year-old woman from Hamilton, who won the jackpot while playing bingo at the bingo hall named Club 3000 located in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Soraya does a cleaning job and was extremely happy and surprised by her win.
She was playing in the National Game when she hit the Platinum Jackpot. She has announced that she will split her wins with her elderly and needy neighbour and her playing partner.

She admits that it will take some time for the win to sink in and she is very excited. She is still living in the real world and did not let her huge win go to her head. She said that she likes her job and will keep doing it for the time being.

However, her four children are more excited about the win and have already placed their list of gifts to be brought. If you want to win a similar jackpot, keep playing bingo, which can now be easily played online. Who knows, you might hit an even larger jackpot.

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