Foxy Bingo cruises into more community fun

foxy bingo

In recent years, several online bingo websites were launched in the UK and most have grown quickly, but not many have grown as much as Foxy Bingo offering their online bingo players cruise ship holidays.

To celebrate the large base of regular online bingo players, Foxy Bingo have introduced an annual bingo cruise for their players to enjoy. The fun-filled cruise trip will be from Portsmouth to Bilbo between 13th and 16th March. Online bingo players at Foxy Bingo can either purchase the cruise tickets or win them by playing the wide variety of online bingo games available on the bingo website.

The P&O vessel for the Foxy Bingo cruise is expected to be attended by many bingo players and many special games have been scheduled to take place all through the four day duration of the cruise.

Such bingo holidays have been very popular among online bingo players in the United Kingdom. Players often look to meet and befriend new people, play their favourite bingo game and hopefully, win some extra prize money with the Guaranteed Jackpot games that will take place on the cruise. Additionally, there is a Karaoke competition, as well as casino, cinema and leisure facilities available for guests.

Foxy Bingo is one of the first bingo operators to be launched and since its launch has successfully attracted thousands of online bingo players every week.

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