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bingo.comA recent study by search engine marketing organisation Greenlight showed that Foxy Bingo, one of United Kingdom’s most famous websites, has been dislodged from its number one visibility status by Foxy Bingo was a part of the 20 most visible bingo sites in the United Kingdom up until recently. The rising popularity of was instrumental in this movement. has been appearing in 68% of the searches conducted on the Google search engine. This is a contrast from the previous set of research that was conducted. The previous searches showed that Foxy Bingo was on the top of the most visible sites list with 76% visibility in the initial Google search pages.

Play Bingo.comVisit here! in the previous study was not as visible as it is now. Since 90% of all searches that are made are done on Google, this study is more or less accurate with only 10% of all searches being excluded.

Foxy Bingo showed up only 64% times in last month’s study. This was a 12% downturn from the previous study. This also shows that has become the amateur website of choice over Foxy Bingo.’s increased spending on search engine optimisation could also be a major factor.

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