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Without a doubt is one of the most desired URL’s in the online gaming industry. Because of the popularity and the huge number of visitors to, the creators of the site have built an excellent online bingo site that offers players big jackpots, fun promotions and several free games.

Earlier this month, the annual financial report of was released, which showed an improvement in their revenues. The total revenue for the year 2008 was $5.64 million, in spite of a 15% decrease in the third quarter. The revenue for the final quarter stood at $1.32 million and so the overall result was immensely impressive.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of, Tarrnie Williams, the fourth and final quarter of 2008 was a strong period of growth for the online bingo site. The site saw an increase in the revenues for all their available gaming products.

Williams also added that like all other companies in the online gaming industry, has been affected by the present economic downturn. Like other international companies, they too have been affected negatively by the volatility seen in the currency market, especially in the fall of UK Pound Sterling and the strengthening of the US Dollar in relation to other currencies of the world.

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