Foxy Bingo offer more chances of winning for less money

Foxy Bingo

When you head for the Foxy Bingo site you will be able to find plenty of penny bingo and free bingo.

Foxy’s latest bingo promotion means their bingo tickets have now dropped to 1 penny as every online player at Foxy Bingo enjoys seeing their bingo budget stretched much further.

The prices at Foxy Bingo have dropped, but their online bingo games are as great as always.

July is full of penny bingo at Foxy Bingo with games taking place every day of the month:

• Bingo Big room every hour and half past each hour daily
• Tippy’s Ten bingo room at ten past the hour and 20 to the hour
• Foxy Fortunes bingo room at twenty past the hour and ten to each hour.

Foxy Bingo have now dropped the average prices for a bingo ticket in their Foxtrot Fives room and Five Alive room which sees bingo tickets drop to only 2 pence per ticket for the whole of July.

Its well worth grabbing a few of Foxy’s big bingo guaranteed jackpot games, especially their huge monthly £25K game. The jackpot games now offer online bingo players the chance to win three times.

Check out Foxy Bingo this month for all the new online bingo rooms that have just opened up.

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