Mecca Bingo Hall enthusiasts resort to Voodoo dolls

mecca bingoMecca Bingo hall enthusiasts expressed their anger and disappointment at the Government over the final appeal to reduce the tax rate of online bingo by fixing pins into voodoo dolls, according to the Daily Star newspaper. Bingo fans from across the country are tremendously disappointed due to the lack of Government support over the struggling and highly taxed bingo industry. The amendment to lower the tax rate from 22 percent to 15 percent was outvoted by the Parliament during the last week.

In a move to voice their hostility and anger to the Government, Chester Bingo club members found a unique and temporary solution to display their grief and anger by using very sharp pins and voodoo dolls. Regardless of strong campaigns and protests outside the Parliament, the demands of the bingo industry and its supporters across the UK were ignored, and the alteration was outvoted by 283 to 83.

A usual bingo player, Gemma Morgan said to the Chester Chronicle that Alistair Darling was attacking the very people who helped him and the Labour party out to get in power. Now they want him to know how exactly it feels. If the bingo tax increases above 15 percent then they are worried that their clubs may get closed. Many online bingo players across the UK, who were keen to express their sense of betrayal and anger felt, made voodoo dolls and fixed pins into them at the Chester Mecca Bingo hall.

mecca bingo

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