Kiss My Bingo re-launches with a makeover

Kiss My BingoOnline Bingo websites keep on changing and often go for a makeover to keep the current members interested and attract new online bingo players. This element of change is a major contributing factor behind the increasing popularity of online bingo. Kiss My Bingo has had a new facelift.

The all new revamped Kiss My Bingo will be launched officially on 20th July but you can visit the new website before the launch. The regular players who are registered with Kiss My Bingo can access the old page which will now be known as Kiss My Bingo Original.

However, their member accounts will not be transferred automatically to the new Kiss My Bingo website and they would require a new registration. The new online bingo website, Kiss My Bingo is offering £10,000 every week along with new online bingo games and a free bingo game zone.

As Kiss My Bingo is not transferring all its old members to the new site automatically there is a possibility of its losing a few old members. However the new site might be able to attract many new members with charming new games and a cheerful look. So, take a look at the new site and see what you think.

Kiss My Bingo

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