HMRC goes into appeal against Mecca Bingo VAT ruling

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Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has filed an appeal against the High Court decision on Mecca Bingo’s VAT case. Mecca Bingo had won the case and the High Court ordered HMRC to refund £59.1 million to the company.

The VAT amount levied on interval bingo was under dispute. The VAT and Duties Tribunal gave ruling in favour of Rank Group and upheld the company’s claim that VAT levied on interval bingo games and gaming machines purchased by the Group was against EU Principles of fiscal neutrality.

HMRC went into appeal against the Tribunal’s ruling, but the High Court also upheld their decision in Mecca Bingo’s favour.

Mecca Bingo plays interval bingo games in its bingo halls during breaks between their main games. VAT paid by Mecca Bingo on these games from January 2003 to June 2008 period.

With HMRC’s fresh appeal against the High Court ruling, the case will be heard in the Court of Appeal. The court has not yet fixed dates for the hearing.

Rank Group, received £59.1 million refund from HMRC as per the High Court directive. The Group is yet to receive £26 million it paid in VAT on gaming machines used in its club.

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