Ladbrokes Bingo March Promotions

As the new month begins on Ladbrokes Bingo, there are some new promotions to get things off to a great start.  The online bingo sites are starting off their latest promotions and the ones on Ladbrokes Bingo are something special for all the players on the site.  Some of the promotions that you will find on Ladbrokes Bingo is the opportunity to double your winnings, bonuses for winning bingo on particular numbers and some special things planned for Mother’s Day.  There is so much happening on the site that you won’t want to miss a thing on Ladbrokes Bingo.

The first promotion that you will find on Ladbrokes Bingo is the Double Bubble which gives everyone on the site the chance to double their winnings in the games by winning bingo on one of the special numbers.  These games will take place in the Bedroom on the site from 7pm until midnight on March 5th. 

There are some special days that take place in March and Ladbrokes Bingo has some special things in mind for St. Patricks Day and Mother’s Day.  On St. Patricks Day when you win one line in twelve numbers or fewer, you will get a £25 bonus and if you can get the one line in exactly thirteen numbers you will get £50.  Then the thirteenth player who wins in thirteen numbers on one line will get a whopping £500. 

March 19th in the Lounge between 9pm and 10pm there will be a special full house game that will give you some great prizes.  Players who get the full house in the special game will get a bouquet of flowers worth £50 in celebration of Mother’s Day.  There is also a cash prize for the game.

These are just a few of the great games and prizes that you can expect from Ladbrokes Bingo during March.  There will be plenty more coming your way as the month progresses.  Players on Ladbrokes Bingo will be in store for some fabulous prizes and games all month long on the site.  Get all the details on the promotions that are taking place on Ladbrokes Bingo by going over to the site and finding out what you can play and how you can win. 

Ladbrokes Bingo is a fun and exciting site for you to play online bingo with.  Just check out the community of players on the site for a fun way to make some friends while you enjoy online bingo.

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