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  • Posted by: Suzanne | Date January 10th, 2009

While you are checking out all of the offers out there for online bingo, you will come across many that offer you £1- £10 bets on their sites.  While these are all great for online players, there are some sites that go just a little bit further than these great deals. 

We like to call them the Super Free Bingo Sites and the name itself tells the whole story.  The offers available on these sites are between £15 and £20 all for free when you play online bingo with them. Well, you may very well be wondering where all these Free Bingo Sites can be found.  Well, wonder no more as they are all listed here for you and here is a rundown of what you can find. 

In the £20 category  you can find
House of Bingo and Game Village Bingo. They both offer £20 in free bingo with their no deposit bonuses for signing up.

Blackpool Club Bingo is giving £16 in free bingo with their no deposit sign up bonus.

The sites that are offering £15 free no deposit sign up bonuses for new players are
Wink Bingo,, Wow Bingo, Gone Bingo, Bingo Magix, Bingo Playground and 88 Bingo

There are even more sites that are offering  free bingo and that list can be found on are no deposit bingo page for you to enjoy.  So, don’t miss out on your chance to cash in on all the offerings of these Super Free Bingo Sites and get even more bingo play for your money.  There is no better time than now to cash in on the super offers from all of these super sites. 

These online bingo sites have gone a bit further than the rest in their free offerings and you can take advantage of it right now.  If you love online bingo, these sites are out to give you plenty of opportunities to play for free, so why not give them a try?  Who knows, you might just find your new favourite online bingo site from this collection of stellar performers.  The Super Free Bingo Sites are in a class all their own and have worked to set themselves apart from the rest. 

If you have been looking for an opportunity to play online bingo for free, this is the best chance you will get in a long time.  There are more sites than ever that are committed to bringing you great games at prices that you can afford – times look rosy for online bingo players.

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