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You can now enjoy playing fabulous games on a bingo website and also do your bit for charity. It is a great step that bingo has taken by initiating a unique Breakthrough Bingo game together along with the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity.

As observed by a bingo survey, there are a large number of female players that play online bingo games and it is also found that the female population makes up the majority of visitors to the bingo hall. Thus, the National Bingo game has taken up the task to form a union between its games and charity.

Prizes won for every matched number on the bingo scratch cards

The new Breakthrough Bingo scratch card game will be giving away prizes up to £1,000. There are five numbers placed on the scratch card and prizes will be given if one of those five numbers matches. The prizes offered are as follows; £2 if one number matches, £5 if two numbers match; there is a surprise prize given out if three numbers are same and the lucky player who get four or five numbers will win the £1,000.

Bingo scratch cards will be launched shortly

The price of the bingo scratch card is £1, from which 11.5p will go to charity to help those suffering from breast cancer.

The launch of the Breakthrough bingo game is dated on 5th October until the year end. The National Bingo game has revealed that they will be conducting a few events during Christmas with a car being the likely grand prize.

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