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Game Village has gone bingo mad this month

game villageGame Village is a great place to play online bingo, not only because it has just a variety of different games you can play but they also have some amazing prizes that can be won.

Starting at the beginning of September, Game Village is running a Star Race promotion for four weeks which involves the first 12 people each week who collect 25 stars will each win £12. Anybody else who manages to collect 25 stars will also receive £1.

The number ‘12’ seems to be the theme on Game Village this month. The Twelfth Night Sleep Over will be a 24 hour Bingo marathon starting at 12pm on Saturday 12th September. There will be hundreds of games, bonuses and freebies to be had by all of the players who get involved in the 24 hour marathon.

Game Village BingoVisit Game village bingo!

However, if you can’t wait until then why not get involved in the House Party Hour. In the Village Inn on Game Village between 11pm and midnight every night this month there will be a house party game. Castle owners will win £25, gold owners will win £15, silver owners will get £10 and blue owners will get a fiver. Not bad for an hour of fun!

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