Great Future in Store for Power Paddy Bingo

Although the economy is on the downturn for a number of businesses, there are some that are doing very well and who are looking forward to a bright future. Power Paddy Bingo is one of those businesses and they are looking forward to a great future with their positive way of thinking. They are seeing bingo as one of the positive areas of the economy that will experience a great growth.

Patrick Kennedy is the Chief Executive of Power Paddy Bingo and he is pleased with their business for 2008. It is because of this recent success and the way that bingo is booming in popularity all over the UK, that Power Paddy Bingo sees a great future for their business. In fact, the UK and Ireland are poised to see a tremendous growth in online bingo during the next couple of years. Right now, online bingo, financial spread betting and sports risk management are some of the biggest growth industries. Power Paddy Bingo is seeing a tremendous success because of their online bingo site, telephone and shop business. They see great results coming their way for the next few years to come.

The reports from Power Paddy Bingo show that there was a thirty four percent growth for the company in 2008. The site saw a profit of forty two million eight hundred thousand Euros. The report did not show a figure that was specifically for online bingo, but there was a seventy percent profit from the online part of the business. This is a good indication that online bingo is responsible for a large part of the profit. They will certainly be around for a while in their online bingo business. This amount of success comes from some real hard work trying to make their site the best that it can be for all the members who play on the site.

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