Get Your Freebies from Paddy Power Bingo

There are some great freebies being given out on Paddy Power Bingo for all of their online bingo players. If you are looking for some great deals as well as the freebies, check out what the site has to offer. The first thing you will find on Paddy Power Bingo is their promotion on Wednesdays and these give you a free bingo ticket on the site. It is called, funnily enough, Free Bingo Ticket Wednesdays. All you have to do to get in on this deal is to play bingo on their site from seven pm to ten pm on a Wednesday and you will get one ticket for free for everyone that you purchase. This gives you even more chances to cash in on the prizes on the site.

The “five alive” promotions on Paddy Power Bingo are another chance for you to get a great freebie on their site. This one simply requires you to play on their site for five days in any of the bingo games; you will then be invited to play in the free bingo room that will be opening in January. This is expected to be a promotion that will run continuously.

The free games you will qualify for in this promotion will take place on January 7th 2009 between four and seven pm, and you will receive an email notification that you are qualified to play. Once you receive notification, you will be able to play in the free games and get in on the chance to win some of the great prizes that are available to you. They expect that there will be plenty of players who can win cash during these games and the best part of it is that you will get an entry to the games for free.

In addition to these freebies, you can play free online bingo at Paddy Power Bingo every Monday and Tuesday. On Monday there will be ten free online bingo games from six pm until nine pm for you to enjoy. And then again on Tuesday, you can play free bingo on the site and enjoy cash prizes totalling £120.

These are not the only free chances to play online bingo with Paddy Power Bingo. When you visit the site, you will see free online bingo tickets available every single day. Just make sure you look at the Silver Bingo room when you visit the site for free tickets to play. When you are in this room you will find that for every 6-10p ticket purchase, you will get six free tickets to play as well. There are plenty of chances to play for free on Paddy Power Bingo.

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