Gone Bingo Has a £1000 Reward This Week

gone bingo

There is an extra £1000 up for you to win over and above the winnings that you get from your online bingo game. All you have to do is play the slots games between March 2nd and March 8th to get some points in the game. The points are given out depending on how much you spend. If you play 5p you will get one point and if you spend £1 you will get 100 points. As you can see there is a great range of money that you can spend to earn your points. This special offer is called the Slots Mania and you can find out more about it on Gone Bingo.

Gone Bingo is the fastest growing online bingo site in the UK because of all their great games and promotions. In fact, the site was named the Best New Site in 2007 and won the CM Team of the Year award in 2008. There was also a weekly prize of an LCD TV given out on the site every week during February.

March is gearing up to be a great month for the players on Gone Bingo with their Frequent Player Rewards. This will be taking place all month long until March 31st on the site. There will be some great fashion vouchers going out to the lucky winners in this great promotion. The player who buys the most cards in all the bingo rooms will get a £150 voucher. The player who plays the most games in all the bingo rooms will get a £100 voucher and the player who spends the most on the slots on all the machines will get a £250 voucher.

There is even more happening on Gone Bingo during March with the Roomie Bingo awards. This is Gone Bingo’s way of saying thank you to all of the roomies on the site who make the chat games and rooms something really special. The thank you will come when the chat hosts on the site vote for the friendliest, nicest and funniest roomie. The votes will be added up at the end of the week and the winner will be announced. The prize in this promotion is a Samsung Pink 10.2 Megapixel Camera. That is a fabulous way to say thank you to all of those players that make the chat so much more fun for everyone. Head on over to Gone Bingo now and find out how you can get started in this promotion and you just might be the big winner.

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