Ladbrokes Bingo Brings On Lucky Loft Bingo Game

ladbrokes bingo

There is a brand new idea attached to Ladbrokes Bingo’s latest game. This will help all of those players who have gone through the disappointment of coming so close to winning but didn’t quite make it to the finishing line.

The new game is called Lucky Loft and is a ninety ball bingo game. The idea behind the game was to make it a little bit easier for a player to win bingo games. It will give players more chances to win, especially those who are left with one more number but don’t get that bingo win.

The new game will be introduced on December 10th and it promises to be a fun time for all players. There will be a character with the game that is in the shape of an ‘L’ and his name is Laddie. This character will make an appearance in the game and find the players that have one more number to go on one of their bingo tickets.

Laddie will go through a house and pull down the blinds on as many windows as possible to find a cash prize for the player to win at the end of the game. If Laddie makes his way through a good amount of blinds the player could win as much as £250. This happens when Laddie gets to the loft.

This is a game that only takes place on Ladbrokes Bingo and it will take place every day from noon to midnight with brand new games starting every seven minutes.

The site is creating this game to help bingo players have additional chances to win the games on Ladbrokes Bingo. It should be a fun time for all players who have previously suffered from that frustrating feeling of being one number off from a bingo win.

The game is right in time for some lucky players to cash in before Christmas. If you are playing on Ladbrokes Bingo, keep an eye out for the Lucky Loft games and Laddie to give you a great prize for being really close to winning but not quite there.

If you haven’t played on Ladbrokes Bingo before, now is a great time to get in on this fun new game. Registering is simple and once you have your bingo account all set up, you can start enjoying the fun of this great new game. There are plenty of other games on the site for you to enjoy while you are on Ladbrokes Bingo.
ladbrokes bingo

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