Bet365 Bingo Is Turning Friday The 13th into a Lucky Day

There are many people who are a little superstitious about Friday the 13th. But the good people at Bet365 Bingo are out to make it a lucky day for some of their online bingo players. When you play on Bet365 Bingo on Friday the 13th, you might just improve your luck and walk away with a great prize. There will be thirteen winners in this great promotion and all you have to do is bingo on the number thirteen to win a hamper prize.

The first thirteen players, who manage to secure a win with the number thirteen on Bet365 Bingo on Friday the 13th at any point during the day, will have a hamper sent to them for their troubles. If you want to be one of the lucky thirteen, all you have to do is make sure that you play bingo in the Jetsetter, Island Hopper, Orient Express, Carnival, or Safari rooms on the site and win on the number thirteen.

When you win the game with the number thirteen, just send Bet365 Bingo an email and let them know that you won. For players who are playing on the site outside of the UK, you will get the cash value of the hamper credited to your account instead.

The event will begin at midnight on Friday the 13th so make sure that you get started early in the game so you have the best chance of winning. The promotion will be running all day until 11:59 pm on Friday the 13th.

If you have been thinking that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day, this promotion might just change your mind. What a great way to put all the superstitions to rest.

Bet365 Bingo has a number of promotions running on their site as well, in addition to this one. There are some great prizes going out to online bingo players on Bet365. It’s a fabulous place to meet new people and play some online bingo for cash and prizes. Find out how easy it is to become a member of one of the greatest bingo sites online. You will get a 200% cash match bonus on your first deposit and much more when you become a member of this site. Bet365 Bingo is dedicated to making sure that all of their players have a spectacular time on the site and enjoy all of the fun games and prizes.

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