Bet365 Bingo Introduces Marine Mayhem

There is something new taking place on Bet365 Bingo.  There is a new game for you to enjoy on the site and it is a multiplayer slot game that has been named “Marine Mayhem”.  Members are encouraged to give this unique and new way of playing slots a try at the online bingo site. marine_mayhem_logo

This is the first multiplayer slot game that has been offered at Bet365 Bingo.  The game is geared toward bingo players who like to play slots and those who love to play with others in their game.  It is a competitive game for people who love a bit of competition in their gaming while at an online bingo site.  It is a five reel twenty pay line slot that has a marine theme.  There are treasure chests, sea horses, dolphins and plenty of tropical fish to make the game as much fun as possible for those who are playing. 

The game lets the slot player play the game just as they would a regular slot machine and also compete against others who are also playing at the same time.  There is a community pot that can be won when you are playing against the other players which make it very similar to online bingo.  The players will get three minutes to build up their points on the slot machine and get into a top position against the other players.  Every three minutes the community wheel will become active and the top ten players will split up the jackpot according to where they are on the board.

This game will work in the same way as online bingo games with the percentage of the stakes put up by the players will make up the community pot.  The pot has the chance to keep going up as more and more players get in on the game.

You will find that the game is very easy to figure out once you play a few times.  It’s a fun and exciting way to combine the community aspect of bingo with the excitement of a slot game. 

Bet365 Bingo is always coming up with new ways for you to enjoy the games.  With new games and great prizes happening at the site, there is no better time than now to get in on the fun.  Try the new game and find out why a multiplayer slot machine is so much fun.  You just might end up with some great prizes when you take a chance on this new game.

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