Bet365 Bingo Drops Their Bonus

There have been a number of sites that have decided to drop their bonus money to new players lately.  This might have the effect of keeping away players who are on the lookout for the free money to play bingo with, but the sites have increased the promotions to make up for the loss of the free bingo bonuses.  There is news now that Bet365 Bingo will join the sites that have decided to let go of the bonus on their site.

Of course, you will still get your 200% cash match bonus on Bet365 Bingo for your first deposit, but the dropping of the initial cash bonus means that you will actually have to become a player to try out the games.

There has always been a problem of people who sign up for the site with multiple accounts just to take advantage of the free bonus for signing up.  These players often sign up with multiple accounts without taking into consideration what could happen if they win.  More often than not the sites state very clearly in their terms and conditions that you can only have one account with them to take advantage of the free cash.  This means that those who sign up for multiple accounts and then win will not get their big prize.  There is little doubt that these sites will check out the winners to be sure they have met all the terms and conditions required to be a member of the site. 

With Bet365 Bingo dropping the free online bingo cash, we have to wonder if that means there will be more money available for great promotions.  The £10 free no deposit bonus that is saved on all new players could certainly add up to some great cash for another great promotion on the site.

If you have been paying attention to the other sites that have dropped their free no deposit bonuses, you will probably have noticed that the promotions went up.  Foxy Bingo is a great example of this - as soon as they dropped their bonus, the super prize nights started.  We hope that Bet365 Bingo will follow suit and start offering those great prizes to their playing members.

Even without the free no deposit bonus, Bet365 Bingo is a great site to check out for all your online bingo playing requirements.  If you have not had a chance to play at their site before, it could be the best time to start playing online bingo with them.  There might just be some great promotions coming up, especially with the end of their no deposit bonus.

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