Harry’s Bingo Has £10 Free Bingo

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Players on Harry’s Bingo have been keeping their eyes out for the love patterns on the site to get in on a great offer.  These games are played every day, all day long on the site, and all at random times so you are sure to find one that you can play if you get on Harry’s Bingo.

All you have to do is get a set of Love Pattern wins on the site and you will get 10 bbz for your win.  And that is not all.  When the Love Pattern promotion ends all the players who have secured at least one of the sets will be entered into a draw.  The lucky winner of this draw will be getting 50 bbz.  You can check to see who is winning the game on Harry’s Bingo by checking the leader board on the site.  This game will end on February 14th, so you still have a little time to get in on it.

The Every Day Daily Specials on Harry’s Bingo are always something special for the players on this site.  One of the best things about these specials is that you can count on them to be there every day for you to play and enjoy.  Head on over to Harry’s Bingo right now for you to get £10 free bingo.   

Don’t forget about the £75 fixed pot games on the site as well for something extra special to play in while you are on Harry’s Bingo.  This online bingo site has been working hard to get some special games and prizes for all their online bingo players.  There will be one hour of these games in the Dosh Lounge room on the site so go play and you might just be a lucky winner. 

There are some great progressive jackpots going on with Harry’s Bingo right now.  They are taking place in the 90 Dosh Lounge and the 80 Bistro rooms so if you like a progressive game with a chance of winning a big prize, these are the games that you have been looking for. 

Don’t miss out on all the excitement happening on Harry’s Bingo all month long.  The site is giving out some fabulous prizes to their online players and you could be one of them.

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