Free bingo comes to Littlewoods and all St Minver powered bingo sites

littlewoods Bingo

So many bingo sites seem to be offering full days of completely free bingo these days, however the free bingo which is on offer at the online bingo site of Littlewoods Bingo is slightly different to some of those free bingo promotions out there. Littlewoods bingo will be offering free bingo in their three bingo sessions which will last for 2 hours each day up until the 24th of June.

Littlewoods cash prize bingo jackpots range across the free bingo games but generally are as follows:

Bingo jackpot of £5 for one line winners
Bingo jackpot of £5 for two line winners
Bingo jackpot of £10 for full house winners

On the Littlewoods free Bingo days the rooms times for the games are as follows:

In the new Bingo Ballroom - 10am to midday.
At the Bingo Cafe room - 4pm to 6pm.
In the Bingo Lounge room - 10pm to midnight.

It would seem that no matter whether it is day or night there is a free online bingo session waiting for you at the Littlewoods Bingo site and that is every day until the 24th of June.

In addition to Littlewoods, all bingo sites that are powered by the St Minver network will be offering exactly the same free bingo promotions.

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