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With all of the benefits of playing on Foxy Bingo, you might think that there is little more that they can do for their players.  However, Foxy has come up with something else for new players on the site to enjoy.   In an effort to show everyone how great Foxy Bingo is for their online bingo playing, they have decided to give £20 free to all the new players on their site.  This means that if you have not registered for an account on Foxy Bingo yet, if you do so between now and March 16th, you will get the £20 free to check them out and play the games on the site.

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Not that long ago, the decision to eliminate the £10 free that Foxy Bingo used to give to their online players was put into place.  But now that there is more interest because of the new advertising campaign and the Comic Relief jackpot that will be taking place on March 13th, Foxy Bingo has decided to give their new players even more reason to check out the site.

If you haven’t been paying attention to Foxy Bingo lately, you might not know about their recent pledge to donate £1 for every £1 that is played in the Red Nose Bingo games to Comic Relief.  It is hoped that the new £20 offer to new players on the site could result in an increase to the overall donation that is made to the charity.  This is another indication of the power of Foxy Bingo and their constant effort to provide the best online bingo site to their players.

There is no better time than now to check out Foxy Bingo and all of the great promotions that are underway.  This is the site to see for the very best in games and prizes.  If you have been looking for a new bingo site to play on, why not take advantage of the free £20 and try out the games at Foxy Bingo. And while you are there, you can feel great knowing that every £1 that you spend in the special games will result in a donation to Comic Relief.  Foxy Bingo sure knows how to give back to their community and help those in need.  Why don’t you become a part of that great effort on the site?  It’s a great time to get playing bingo with Foxy Bingo.

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