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Gala Bingo Windicate Promotion

  • Posted by: Suzanne | Date February 27th, 2009
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Every time there is a new feature on an online bingo site, the players who enjoy that site will need a little information to get them started.  Gala Bingo has recently introduced “Windicate” and you are probably wondering what this is all about.   The new feature on the site gives players a brand new way to enjoy their online bingo.  In fact, “Windicate” gives the players on Gala Bingo the opportunity to play bingo the way that they want and it is guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

The exciting part of “Windicate” on Gala Bingo is that you have more chances to win on the site than ever before.  All you have to do is play with your friends, which will be your “Windicate” buddies and when you win, they will win and when they win, you will win.  That is a great way to win big with online bingo.  Trust Gala Bingo to come up with this innovative way to play online bingo.

You will have to be on the site between 7pm and 11pm every night to take part in the “Windicate” games.  When you are playing these games, if you get a full house win in any of the games, your friends will get 50p in their account.  You can five “Windicate” buddies in the games so that could add up to some great cash wins for everyone on your team.  

If you want to take part in the “Windicate” games on the site, just go to the “Windicate” tab on the site and choose your “Windicate” name.  Then you will be able to start inviting others to be a part of your group of buddies.  You can choose up to five players to be a part of your group.  You will receive a notification every time a player accepts your invitation to be a part of the group.  

Imagine how much you could win when you have five players all playing to win for you.  This is a unique and exciting way to enjoy your online bingo with Gala Bingo. This site is always coming up with great ways for you to play online bingo.  With fabulous prizes and fun ways to play, Gala Bingo should be your destination for all of your online bingo playing.  Gala Bingo has some great bonuses for new players on their site, so check them out now and find out what you can get just by signing up for your account.

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