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Wink Bingo Player, Wins Twice In One Week!

Wink Bingo as usual has been making a lot of their online bingo players very happy by making them winners.  However, they had one very lucky online bingo player jumping for joy recently when the player in question won not one, but two jackpots over the weekend…..

It’s A Double Whammy…..

The lucky player was Shaun2win2010 who walked away with a staggering £3,250!  Shaun2Win2010 had pre-purchased online bingo tickets into the Wink Bingo Friday and Saturday Room bingo games which both have guaranteed jackpots.  The Wink Bingo Friday room online bingo game plays on the last Friday of every month and has a guaranteed jackpot of £5,000.  Shaun2win2010 was lucky enough to scoop the full house jackpot of £2,500!  However, imagine the shock that Shaun2win2010 experienced when they then also went on to win the 2 lines prize on Wink Bingo Saturday Room bingo game of £750.  Wink Bingo Saturday Room bingo game plays every single Saturday at 9.30pm and has a guaranteed jackpot of £2,500!

The very fortunate, Shaun2Win2010 has said that they will be spending some of their winnings on their daughter as it is her first Birthday coming up and is also hoping to go away on holiday.  With those kinds of winnings we are sure they will be able to do just that.  Congratulations Shaun2Win2010 from all of the gang at Sunlight Bingo – we are soooo jealous ;)

Even More Winners….

Shaun2Win2010 wasn’t the only online bingo player to do well in the Wink Bingo pre-purchase guaranteed jackpot bingo games at the weekend, as nannysue123 walked away with a breathtaking £1,250.   Nannysue123 managed to score a bingo win on a full house in the Wink Bingo Saturday Room bingo games.  Ansa40 was also lucky when they managed to bingo on 1 line and won a cool £500 – way to go guys and gals.

Don’t forget that Wink Bingo has a pre-purchase game running every day of the week where ticket prices range from 10p to £1.  There are some great cash prizes up for grabs, so make sure you take some time to check them out.

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