Foxy Bingo Partners With Comic Relief

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The latest news from Foxy Bingo is all about their decision to partner with Comic Relief and help to raise money for the organization.  To get things started, the Foxy Bingo mascot and Kristina Rihanoff will be pairing up for a funny dance video that will bring attention to the fundraising efforts.  The dance video will centre on the theme of this year’s Comic Relief efforts, “Do Something Funny for Money.”

If you haven’t seen the pictures that have been taken from this video, they are guaranteed to give you a laugh or two.  If you haven’t had a chance to see these two in their dance number, you should check it out online.

Along with the video, Foxy Bingo and Comic Relief are also bringing a new game that will take place on March 13th and it will be called the Foxy Red Nose game.  This game is going to have a jackpot of £50,000.  During the course of the next six weeks, every time you spend £1 on bingo tickets on Foxy Bingo, they will donate £1 to the Comic Relief fund.  The goal in the fundraising efforts is to bring in £150,000 for Comic Relief.  There will be a series of special games where you can make sure that your ticket cost gets into the fund. 

The special games will take place on February 13th with 10p tickets and a guaranteed jackpot of £5000.  The game will take place at 9pm and you can buy a maximum of 24 tickets in the game.  On February 20th the game tickets will cost 25p each and there is a guaranteed jackpot of £10,000.  The game will start at 9pm and you will be able to buy a maximum of 12 tickets in this game.  Then on the 27th of February there is a 50p ticket game with a jackpot of £15,000 at 9pm with a maximum amount of tickets at 12.  March 6th you can buy £1 tickets for a guaranteed jackpot of £20,000 at 9pm with a maximum of 3 tickets in this game.  And finally on March 13th the tickets will cost £1 with a £50,000 guaranteed jackpot and a maximum of 3 tickets in this 9pm game. 

Don’t forget to watch for the special dance video where the music will be from the 70’s.  It sure looks like it’s going to be worth watching.

Kristina Rihanoff is said to have enjoyed her time with the Foxy Bingo mascot, creating their own version of a Fox Trot.  So check out Foxy Bingo and play the Big Red Nose game and help raise money for Comic Relief.

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