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It’s another one of Foxy Bingo’s super prize nights and all the prizes are going to be pink for some lucky winners. The prizes in the super prize night are pretty hot and all come in a fabulous shade of pink. There is everything from laptops and iPods, to cameras and Nintendo DS to make some players on Foxy Bingo very happy, indeed.

If you want to have some fun tonight, just get on to Foxy Bingo and sign into your account by 8 pm. Here is a rundown of the spectacular pink prizes up for grabs tonight.

At 8 pm the prize is an 8 GB iPod Nano valued at £96. Tickets cost only 5p each and the pattern is an iPod.

At 8:20 pm a portable DVD player is up for grabs valued at £114 with tickets only costing 10p. The pattern is a D.

AT 8:40 pm you could win an iPod Shuffle 1 GB valued at £28 and tickets will only cost 5p. The pattern for this game is an S.

At 9 PM look for the Sony Walkman 4 GB to be the prize with a value of £60. Tickets are 5p and the pattern is a W.

At 9:20 pm win a Sony 10.1 Cybershot Camera with a value of £240 and tickets only costing 25p. The pattern is a C.

9:40 pm brings you a Flip Video Ultra Digital Camcorder that has a value of £82 and tickets only costing 5p. The pattern is a V.

10 pm the prize is a stunning Sony Vaio Laptop with the Carrying Case valued at £780. Tickets are 50p each and the pattern is an L.

10:20 pm the prize is a Sony Portable DVD Player valued at £114. Tickets are 10p and the pattern in this game is a D.

10:40 pm has a prize of an iPod Nano 8 GB with a value of £96. The tickets are 5p each and the pattern is iPod.

And 11 pm will bring you a prize of a Nintendo DS Lite with a value of £115. Tickets are only 10p each and the pattern for the game is an N.

And to top it all off, all of these great prizes will come in pink. So, don’t forget to get in on these great games, especially the one at 10 pm where you will win a spectacular pink Sony Vaio laptop and carrying case with a value of £780.

Foxy Bingo is making this a great night to play online bingo. While it might seem like the pink prizes are geared toward the ladies, there just might be some guys out there that wouldn’t mind one of these great prizes no matter what colour it is. Or maybe it would make a great gift for a lady in your life.

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