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Understanding the general features of a bingo website can make you recognise and use those features when playing online bingo games.

Your personal information and registration is done through the registration feature, which is provided on all bingo websites. It helps in distributing prizes that you may win and also enables them to keep the authorities informed as to the winners of large sums.

You are required to provide credit card information or a bank account number. The PayPal feature is also used for deduction of charges for playing and for crediting prize amounts to your account.

You are given a screen name and password for playing on the website. Some sites allow you to choose your own screen name and password.

Online chatting is another feature offered by the bingo websites. Many players enjoy interaction with other players while playing. A text box is provided on your screen which can be moved and minimised. Every chatter gets a different colour when typing for identification.

Another feature of bingo websites is the screen for display of your cards and numbers. There will usually be one to three cards on one side of the screen or in the middle. In some cases you can move them around. The called numbers will pop up in a small box and remain there for you to see during the game. This is an excellent feature of online bingo compared to playing bingo in a hall.

These features will surely compel you to play an exciting game of online Bingo.

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