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One thing that you should take advantage of is the new Team Bingo Tournaments that are taking place on Bingo Fabulous.  There are many challengers in the tournaments this time and the new teams are determined to take out the three time winners Spikes Nutter’s team.  They won the 1,000,000 pts prize three times in a row and someone has got to take them down.

If you get the Bingo Fabulous newsletter then you probably saw that there was a winner in the Holiday in the Sun promotion.  That lucky winner got a £500 voucher to spend in any way they wanted on their holiday in the sun. 

Now, getting back to the Team Bingo tournaments, right now you still have a chance to get in on the games.  Just get some of your friends together and form a team.  Then you are ready to take on the top teams in this Team Bingo challenge.  It’s not too late to take out the three time champs and snap up all those points.  At the end of the day, you will still get a chance to make some new friends on Bingo Fabulous. 

There is a weekend special taking place on Bingo Fabulous that will put a smile on your face as well.  They are giving away a Sony Playstation Portable in the bingo games this weekend.  The player who gets the most bingos on the letter P pattern on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will get one of these great gadgets.  Why not see if you can win one of these nifty devices? 

You can also win a 42” flatscreen TV by playing on Bingo Fabulous as well.  The tickets into this game will only cost you a £1 and that gives you a chance at this fabulous prize. 

And if you thought that was all there was happening on Bingo Fabulous then you don’t know about the Zodiac Promotion.  This will give you five thousand free points if you are the winner in this game.  There will be a total of thirty players who will bingo on the number 23 and win the whopping 5000 points. 

Bingo Fabulous is your chance to win some great prizes and have some fun at the same time.  Make some friends in the Team Bingo tournaments and take home the big prize.  There is plenty to keep you happy on Bingo Fabulous.  Check the site out now and find out more about the Team Bingo games and make some new friends.

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