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Bingo Café offers a Mega Bingo Marathon

Bingo Cafe has a brilliant online bingo promotion coming up that all our readers will definitely not want to miss out on.  It is called ‘Mega Bingo Marathon’ where Bingo Cafe will be giving away a massive £12,500 over a period of 6 days.  Each day the Bingo Cafe jackpot increases and all the prize money has to be won on the night.  If you want to take part then the first bingo game takes place on Monday the 29th of March and runs daily until Saturday the 3rd of April each game will start at 10.00pm.  Bingo cards cost £1 on Monday to Friday however on Saturday’s they will cost you a bit more – at £2 a card.  We know this sounds expensive, but on Saturday night the prize is £5,000.  For every ten bingo cards you purchase Bingo Cafe will also give you another ten bingo cards for free.

Bingo Cafe

What Are The Prizes?

The Bingo Cafe prize fund increases each night, you can see full details of how much can be won each night below:

•    Monday the 29th of March – £500 to be won
•    Tuesday the 30th of March – £1,000 to be won
•    Wednesday the 31st of March – £1,500 to be won
•    Thursday the 1st of April – £2,000 to be won
•    Friday the 2nd of April – £2,500 to be won
•    Saturday the 3rd of April – £5,000 to be won

Bingo Cafe has also been tweaking its sign up bonus for new online bingo players.  They now offer £10 for free to play on bingo games at the site and 200 slot spins which again are for free, even better though is that this is a no deposit money bonus.  It is extremely rare to be given free slot spins as well as a £10 sign up bonus so make sure you make full advantage of this magnificent new member sign up bonus offer whilst it lasts.

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