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Daily free Bingo and Blingo with Bingo Café

bingocafe1At Bingo Café the site have continued to strive to give a unique offering for their bingo players and the new bingo game that really achieves this is their new Blingo.

Apart from offering completely free bingo in their 90 and 75 ball bingo rooms Bingo Café are also offering new Blingo rooms which means we can play lots of credit crunch free bingo.

Probably one of the most talked about upgrades to the Bingo Café site is the amazing software that has been recently updated which means you can navigate your own 3D bingo character easily around the application.

Bingo Café’s free bingo for 75 ball games takes place on the first Saturday of each calendar month and jackpots during the hour are up the set value of £30. Free bingo players at the Bingo Café site will qualify to win their free bingo session by managing to bingo on the Bingo Café Survivor pattern on a special number that is assigned to bingo players.

In the 90 bingo ball rooms, Bingo Café also offers free bingo daily in Abbey Road – games take place from 3pm and last until midnight with one game played per hour. Jackpots are set at £10.

The new bingo game, Blingo is on offer in the free bingo promotion with Bingo Café and games take place from 11am until 1pm and then resume from 11pm until 1am

Bingo Cafe

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