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Bingo Café Fall Harvest

bingocafeBingo Café are serving up an seasonal feast for bingo fans this month. The only catch is: you have to find all the ingredients first!

Throughout November, Bingo Café’s Fall Harvest games will require players to bingo on certain numbers in order to win. Each number corresponds to an item of delicious seasonal food, and once you‘ve collected all of them; you will win an extra -special mystery prize. It’s a tall order.

Bingo Cafe
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but you need to collect:

- 5 quarts of gravy
- 14 pumpkin pies
- 25 pounds of ham
- 64 dinner rolls
- 18 pecan pies
- 55 ears of corn
- 58 potatoes
- 40 pounds of turkey
- 72 cranberries
- 33 candied yams

Well, we did say it was a feast!

Players who collect all of these dinner items by winning and claiming on the numbers 5, 14, 25, 64, 18, 55, 58, 40, 72, and 33 will win a fantastic festive prize! This competition runs from the 1st November until the 30th November and the winner will be announced by midnight on December 1st.

So, get ready for your own Christmas feast by playing the Fall Harvest games at Bingo Café!

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