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Foxy Bingo Will Fix It for online bingo fans

Foxy Bingo has added some new fixtures to its online bingo website this month.  If you were a fan of the 80’s hit programme ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ then you are going to love the new Foxy Bingo promotion called ‘Fox’ll Fit It’

If you never watched Jim’ll Fix It back in the day, basically it was a TV programme that started in 1975 and ran all the way into the 90’s.  The programme was extremely popular at the time and clearly someone at Foxy Bingo was a big fan too – we wonder if this is a case of an unrequited Fit it! Viewers would write into Jim with a wish that they would like to be fulfilled, if they were lucky enough to be picked then they would go to the studio and Jim would fulfil their wish.  You may remember one of the more memorable Jim’ll Fix It episodes where a group of Scouts wished to have a meal in a unusual place, this lead to ‘Jim’ sending the group of Scouts onto a rollercoaster to have a packed lunch, as you can imagine the results were extremely messy and hilarious, this is definitely a clip to check out on YouTube.

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The Foxy Bingo version runs along a similar line, however there is a small twist, Foxy Bingo wants you to nominate one of your fellow roomies for a treat of their dreams.  All you have to do is send an e-mail into Foxy Bingo letting them know what your fellow roomie would like to do and why they deserve a chance to win to do it – also don’t forget to include the alias of your chosen roomie.   So get your thinking caps on Foxy Bingo players, what would your friend like to experience the most, it could be a day trip somewhere or maybe to even fly in a helicopter.  Before you make your choice it is also worth remembering that the prize level has to be under £250.  The winning entry and the five runners up will be informed at the beginning of each month.  Good Luck everybody!

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