Littlewoods Bingo Online Review £190 Bingo Bonus

littlewoods Bingo

Little Woods Bingo offers 24 hour customer support and huge jackpots. Players can win up to £100 every time they play. There are free daily scratch cards and games that allow you to win cash for life. Imagine, using your skill to win a hard fought game and then get rewarded for the rest of your life.

Individuals not only win cash prizes, but also tickets to outstanding productions and sports matches. New players are given £1 in free online bingo money deposited into their accounts. There are other games besides Bingo to be played. Individuals can enjoy slots and other casino games. There is Daily Scratch, Plum Royale 20, Pub Darts and Roll ‘em Baby Gold, amongst others.

There is a VIP club for exclusive members. It comes with rewards and special privileges. Two cash bonuses are given every month at the beginning and the middle of the month. There are special promotions such as tickets to concerts and football games for lucky VIP members. The VIP club also offers special access to account managers.

Little Woods Bingo offers the standard promotions. They include Buy One, Get One Free on Mondays, Chatty Tuesdays, Everybody’s A Winner Wednesday, Penny Bingo on Thursdays, Fantastic Fridays, Skyrocket Saturdays and Cash For Life Sundays.

Buy One, Get One Free: Allows players to double their money.

Chatty Tuesdays: Win prizes while chatting.

Everybody’s A Winner: Players share prizes with each other, so that nobody gets offline, empty handed!

Penny Bingo: Take advantage of big payouts and small investments.

Fantastic Fridays: Guaranteed Prizes

Skyrocket Saturdays: The pot gets sweeter and bigger with every call.

Cash For Life Sundays: One skilled player will win €1000 every month for the rest of their life.

Little Woods Bingo is a very extensive uk bingo site with a lot fun features and options. Individuals can of course play Bingo, but also slots, casino games and Daily Scratch. The VIP club provides top players with the opportunity to get special treatment. There are also some great daily features that Bingo lovers should take advantage of. These include Buy One, Get One Free, Chatty Tuesdays, Everybody’s A Winner, Fantastic Fridays, Skyrocket Saturdays and Cash For Life Sundays. New players can get up to £125 free.

This provides a great way to test one’s skills and learn the game. It also allows individuals to get some great wins without outlaying a lot of cash. LittleWoods Bingo, is definitely a site that we would recommend for Bingo lovers. It provides great support and big payouts.


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