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Littlewoods Bingo announces fabulous prize for winner of Wimbledon Championship

littlewoods Bingo

Like every enthusiast all over the globe, Littlewoods Bingo has also been gripped by the Wimbledon fever this season. And the UK’s popular online bingo site has come out with a novel online bingo promotion idea.

As millions of British pin all of their hopes on Andy Murray, Littlewoods Bingo has come up with a special tennis prize for the Championship event. The well established online bingo site will give away a prize bundle of Nintendo Wii console with the Wii Sports package, a sports accessories pack that can convert Wii controller into tennis racket or golf club and the Virtua Tennis 2009 game.

The Littlewoods Bingo’s online community will be delighted to know that the prize bundle will be presented with a bottle of Robinsons Orange Barley, a perfect combination for Wii tennis. To win this exciting Wii Tennis bundle, online bingo players will have to play bingo at Littlewoods Bingo for cash up to 5th July, the Wimbledon finals day.

Littlewoods bingo is one of the UK’s most respected and well established online bingo sites. Littlewoods Gaming has been in the home gaming business for more than 80 years.

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