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www.GalaBingo.co.uk is one of the best known online bingo sites, runs a 1tg Club for all its players who suffer from what I lovingly refer to as “1tgitis”.
How many times have you been waiting for 1tg only for the prize pot to be won by someone else?

Everyday, from 10am until midnight during the Winnathon, in all 90 ball rooms you will be able to win 1st prizes on scheduled games.

Once the full house prize has been won on a game, any player waiting for 1 number will automatically be credited with £1. The downside is that you can only win one 1tg prize in any 24 hour period which I think is a little bit tight really. I know for a fact that I have a serious case of “1tgitis” and in a day will have been itching for 1 number at least 5 times!

Also, as it is played in 90 ball, if you have won any prize on that game i.e 1 line or 2 lines, you aren’t eligible for the 1tg prize

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