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Should the average bingo player aim to be loyal to just one bingo site, or should they take advantage of the vast choice available to them and play the field? This is a question we often get asked, but there is no simple answer. The fact is that both loyalty and variety have their advantages, so take a look at the ones we have identified below and then decide for yourself what the best way forward is based on your own preferences and opinions…

Loyalty to one site:

  • Playing at the same site every time allows you to get to know your fellow bingo fans and make some firm friendships. Knowing the chat moderators and other players by name always makes online bingo much more of a social event, and enriches the experience considerably.
  • If the online bingo site you choose has a loyalty scheme, playing there regularly will allow you to get the maximum value from that scheme. Without spending a penny extra on your bingo you could collect points that can be converted into cash, prizes or VIP rewards, depending on the scheme in force.
  • Having just one online bingo site keeps technical and financial matters very simple: you need no more than one application installed on your machine (you don’t need any if the bingo at your site is played via the web browser) and you only need one bingo account. This means you won’t need to remember a whole list of usernames and passwords or spend ages checking your bank statements to make sure everything is as it should be.

The main downside of playing at just one site is that you may find yourself getting bored with the games on offer or simply with the presentation of those games. Loyalty can therefore lead to your bingo experience growing stale unless the site you play at works hard to keep things fresh and interesting.

Playing a variety of sites:

  • Playing at several online bingo sites gives you plenty of variation. No two bingo sites are exactly the same, so if you visit several the chances of you getting bored are slim. With scores of bingo sites available, you could feasibly visit a different one every day and still not have to visit the same site twice in any given month.
  • Most online bingo sites have various promotions and deposit bonuses that you can take advantage of. Playing at several sites allows you to take advantage of these promotions and play with plenty of free cash.

The main downside of playing several sites as a matter of course is that you won’t ever be in one place long enough to make any proper friendships. You will also need to keep track of different usernames and passwords for different sites.

The bottom line:

The answer to the question of whether it is better to be loyal to one online bingo site or visit a different site every time you play depends on whether or not you are looking to enjoy the social side of the game to the full. If you are then it makes sense to play at just one or two sites so that you can form some good friendships. If that isn’t important to you and you would prefer to take advantage of as many bonuses and promotions as you can, moving on from one bingo site to another may be more to your liking.

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