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Online Bingo - Get the Facts.
Not sure if you want to play bingo online for real money? Wondering if you money is safe and secure? Check out the facts below to put your mind at rest.

Who can play?
Anyone over 18 can play bingo in the UK.

Can I play Bingo for Free?
Yes, the majority of online bingo sites will allow players to play for free. This gives you a feel for the bingo site so you will feel comfortable playing for real. You also get a feel for the hall and can make the move to real money play safely.

How do I deposit money?
A credit card is the normal method to deposit money in the online bingo sites, however, most sites allow Paypal, Fireplay, Neteller or Western Union. All of the Bingo Sites Listed in Bingo-Uk.co.uk use secure servers for deposits which means your transactions are safe and secure when playing online bingo.

How do I collect my Bingo winnings?
Prize monies won will be deposited directly into your account where you can withdraw them either into your credit card, online account or by check in the mail. You can keep the money in your account for as long as you like, either to play with at another visit or to withdraw when you see fit. You money is held safely and is fully secure.

Are the games fixed?
The bingo sites are all independantly audited to ensure the games and payouts are fair. The bingo balls are selected by a random number generator.

What happens if my Bingo game connection is broken?
You will not lose the game you are currently playing and your bet will not be lost. The internet is prone to dropping out at times and therefore the bingo sites monitor your play and where you dropped out. When you reconnect, you can pick up from where you were and you will not lose your stake.

Do I have to use my real name?
No, your name and address details will be require to post your winnings but other players will only see a nickname you invent for yourself.

How much can I win?
Online Bingo jackpots in our featured UK Bingo Halls can be as high but are not paid out often. Play responsibly and don’t gamble with more than you can comfortably afford to lose. This isn’t going to make you rich quick so make sure all other bills are covered and that you only play with “spare” money.

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Is it true what I’ve heard? Bingo online = free cash?!
You heard correctly! When you play bingo online, free cash is used to bring in new players. It is money placed into a player’s account without them having to deposit, so they can try the games for free.

Can I withdraw the free money?
Free money is not available for withdrawal. It is only used to give a player the opportunity to learn about a bingo site before they make a deposit. This allows the player to roam the site, and experience bingo online; free cash is the incentive as it offers the opportunity to play the games.

If I bingo using the free money, can I withdraw the winnings?
No. In order to withdraw any winnings, a player must first make a deposit. Once the player has made a deposit, any winnings gained after their deposit can be withdrawn. If a player wins a jackpot while playing on the free money, the winnings can be played through by the player but not withdrawn.

Can I use the free money to play side games?
This depends on the people in charge when you’re playing bingo online - free cash is sometimes awarded in the form of bingo cards that the player can use. Other sites will give a monetary value in free money to be used as the player wishes to roam the site and try all the games.

Are there wagering requirements to be met with the free money?
Wagering requirements will not be given unless a bingo site allows players to withdraw their free money. If the site is lenient, it is likely that they will require a player to wager their free money a certain amount of times before it or any of its winnings can be withdrawn.

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What is an online bingo card?
An online bingo card contains a set of random numbers between 1 and 75 (inclusive) organised in 5 columns, 5 row configurations. Until a card is in play, players have the option to change the collection of numbers by selecting a new card. Once a player accepts the collection of numbers for any game, the online bingo card becomes valid and in play.

What is a game variation?
A game variation is a specified pattern that must be matched on a player’s card in order to win an online bingo game and receive a prize.

Are my credit card details safe?
Online bingo sites use a variety of utilities and techniques to help keep your money and information safe. Your information is submitted on heavily encrypted pages, and cannot be obtained by anyone. Almost all online bingo sites will claim that all transactions are safe and secure through 128Bit Encryption/SLL Encryption. Their servers will also log all transactions and will provide players with their transactions logs as well. Your credit cards are processed through a secure server.

Can I close the chat room?
On some of the online bingo sites, there will be an option available to the players to remain in the chat room or to log out. If this option is not available via a tab or a button, then the chat room will need to remain open.

Is there a bingo game schedule?
Often online bingo sites will provide all players with a game schedule. The online bingo game schedule will usually state what the cost per card will be, minimum amount of cards to be purchased, maximum amount of cards allowed to be purchased, the time of the game and the bingo pattern that will be played. This is commonly included on the online bingo sites’ chat game schedule.

Do I have to sign up to receive information?
The best answer to this question is to check with the chat host in the online bingo room. Some sites require their players to sign up to receive their newsletters while others will send newsletters to all their players and give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving them. It is very important that all players have an email account that will allow them to receive the newsletters as some will consider the email from a bingo site as spam.

Do I have to sign any contracts or agreements?
When you register with an online bingo provider, the site will usually ask that you read their rules and regulations prior to making a deposit. Once you have registered with the site, you are agreeing to abide by their online bingo rules and regulations and if you do not, it is terms for your account to be canceled.

What if there is more than one winner?
If there is more than one winner, the prize will be divided evenly amongst the winners. However if one of the winners had bingo on 2 cards, than that winner would receive 2 x the value of the divided share of the prize.

How do I buy bingo cards?
Once you have the software for the online bingo, log into the bingo site using your player name and password and go to the bingo game. There will usually be a ‘buy cards’ tab or when the next game’s cards appear, click on them and then purchase. You are usually given at least 60 seconds to purchase cards between games. Card prices will vary.

If I lose connection, will my cards still play?
Most online bingo sites use software that is programmed to track all card purchases so if you lose your internet connection, your cards will still play and if you win bingo, the prize will be automatically placed in your account.

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Did you know?
Here are some great bits of trivia for you to amaze your online bingo game friends with!

  • There are nearly 2 million admissions per week or around 90 million admissions per year to bingo clubs in Great Britain alone. No wonder the popularity of internet bingo has soared!
  • Women spend 50% more time each week playing bingo than men. Come on guys, next time you’re heading to the pub choose an online bingo game instead and turn the tables on the women!
  • There are over 1.4 million unique bingo cards possible.
  • Bingo is the most popular group leisure activity in the UK and the second most popular individual leisure activity. Who needs an outdoors adventure in the country when you can win big prize money on an online bingo game?
  • Bingo is the only gambling game allowed by the armed forces. So if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for us!
  • Celebrities love bingo! Denise Van Outen is a big bingo fan, as are Catherine Zeta Jones and Robbie Williams. So you never know, you could be rubbing shoulders with the stars next time you’re chatting during an online bingo game!
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Here’s some great knowledge, and this one’s for free – bingo games online have their own unique language. Chatting during the games is a big part of the fun, so here’s our simple guide to internet bingo lingo, and you’ll never feel left out.

1TG - one number to go
2TG - two numbers to go
3TG - three numbers to go
AKA - also known as
ASAP - as soon as possible
BBL - be back later
BBS - be back soon
BLNT - better luck next time
BRB - be right back
BTW - by the way
CYA - see ya
FAQ - frequently asked questions
GG - good going (good game)
GL - good luck
GLA - good luck all
GLE - good luck everyone
GM - good morning
GN - good night
HB - hurry back
IC - I see
IMHO - in my honest opinion
IRL - in real life
JK - just kidding
JMO - just my opinion
JTLYK - just to let you know
KIT - keep in touch
KOTC - kiss on the cheek
KOTL - kiss on the lips
L8R - later
L8R G8R - later gator
LMAO - laughing my @$$ off
LOL - laughing out loud
LOFTING - talking in private chat (the loft)
LTNS - long time no see
LUWAMH - love you with all my heart
LY - love ya
NETUA - nobody ever tells us anything
NP - no problem
OIC - oh, I see
OMG - oh my goodness (gawd)
OTOH - on the other hand
PM - private message
PMSL - pi**ing myself laughing
POOF - I have left the chat
PPL - people
QT - cutie
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMAO - rolling on floor laughing my @$$ off
SOHF - sense of humor failure
SRY - sorry
TC - take care
TTYL - talk to you later
TY - thank you
TYVM - thank you very much
WB - welcome back
WTG - way to go
WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get
YVW - you’re very welcome
YW - you’re welcome

If you feel confident with your bingo lingo skills and want to impress while having some fun playing. Then have a a look at reviews of the best bingo games online.

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Consider the following when looking at new bingo sites to join. We have given effort to answer these questions in our in depth bingo site reviews section.

1) Security Certified: to ensure your credit card details and personal information are safe check that the bingo site is security certified. Ensure that the site uses 128bit incription behind multiple firewalls. The two top certificates are Thawte and Veri Sign.

2) Customer Support: some online bingo sites will have only email support while others will have 24/7 chat and telephone support. Similarly we should mention that just because the site offers only email support does not necessarily mean that the service in not up to standard as we found that some email support response times were quite quick and instant chat support in some instances were slow. Telephone support may be available in certain countries and at certain times of the day.

3) Jackpot sizes: what are average payouts per game for the site? Those sites belonging to a network will usually but not always have average larger jackpots, however where progressive jackpots are offered these sites will payout the highest but less frequently.

4) Software Quality: Each online bingo site may have licensed software or may have developed their own proprietary software. Our editorial ratings in numbered order are: 1. BingoTek 2. Leap Frog (impressive 3d software) 3. Globalcom/electrocade 4. Playtech 5. Chartwell.

5) Quality of Chatrooms: are the sites chatroom(s) busy, friendly, and well monitored? Keep a look out for chatrooms where moderators give away prizes and host games and promotions.

6) Currencies Used: sites will usually operate in 1 or 2 base currencies but will exchange your deposit at current banking exchange rates.

7) Variety of Games: 75-ball bingo, 90-ball bingo, or both? Also, sites may offer strictly bingo games while many will in addition offer casino related games like roulette, scratch and win, slot machines etc.

8) Loyalty Programs: This is separate from redeposit bonuses and can take the form of increased redeposit bonuses the more you play among other offers.

9) Software Downloads Required: The other option is browser viewing using Java or Flash technology requiring no software downloading. The advantage of no downloads is speed and ease of use, however, the sites requiring software downloads will usually have better quality of game play with better design and more game play options. keep a look out for BingoTek software which is now available as a browser based option. High quality software but requires high bandwidth.

10) Accepting Players from your jurisdiction: New legislation in the US has resulted in many bingo site companies withdrawing from the US market. Some sites still operate in the US where you can find our list of these sites in our directory. Also, read our section on US gambling laws.

11) Licensing Jurisdiction: Is the bingo site licensed from a properly regulated jurisdiction?

12) Date established: An indication of reliability is the length of time the site owners have been established. However, some newer sites are operated by long established operators to keep this in perspective.

13) Brand Identity: If the site operators have a reputation to protect because they operate in other industries this is also an indication of greater reliability.

14) Withdrawal Restrictions: Should you win or simply want a refund of your money, how is this restricted and what charges may apply? Many gambling sites place restrictions on with drawing your money and/or winnings such as a certain amount of game play required before you are permitted. We recommend that you are comfortable with these withdrawal terms.

15) Awards: Independent awards as verification of quality for example, Site of the year etc.

16) Deposit and no-deposit bonuses upon registration:These vary greatly from site to site but, again watch out for restrictions on withdrawing money and winnings derived from bonuses.

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Here are 8 winning tips when playing Internet bingo to increase the size of your winning jackpots and the frequency of winning them. Online bingo is a game of chance, however, it is possible to increase your odds of winning with the implementation of the following tactics:

1.) Certain networks and sites chat moderators provide bonus offers and prizes. By playing bingo on these sites you will increase your winnings. Be sure to join an online bingo community which has these offers.

2.) Play higher priced bingo cards if you want to win the higher jackpots. For example, 25 cents/pence or more will usually payout higher prizes.

3.) Fridays and Saturday nights between the hours of 8-11pm is usually the best time to play, you will have the opportunity to win much larger cash prizes!

4.) Of course, the more cards you play this would naturally increase your chances of winning.

5.) Be sure to play at only credible Bingo sites to ensure you are paid your winnings.

6.) Playing in games with less players will also increase your chances of winning.

7.) Be sure to look in our reviews and best bonuses sections as most sites offer up to 200% sign up bonuses on your first deposit, and ongoing bonuses for all future deposits. They may also provide you with free cash to try the games out before making your first deposit.

8.) When playing progressives take time to watch at which level the jackpot is won. In many instances the jackpot is won when the pot reaches a certain amount of money. This is the time to play a greater number of cards.

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  1.  Kelly’s eye.
  2. One little duck
  3. A cup of tea
  4. Knock at the door
  5. Man alive
  6. Tom’s tricks
  7. God’s in heaven
  8. One fat lady
  9. Doctor’s orders
  10. Uncle Ben
  11. Kelly’s Legs Number eleven
  12. One and two - a dozen
  13. Unlucky for some
  14. Valentines day
  15. Young and keen
  16. Sweet sixteen
  17. Dancing queen
  18. Key at the door
  19. Goodbye teens
  20. One score , Blind 20
  21. Key of the door
  22. Two little ducks
  23. A duck and a Flea
  24. Two dozen
  25. Duck and dive
  26. Pick and mix
  27. Gateway to heaven
  28. Over weight
  29. In your prime
  30. Dirty Gertie, Blind 30
  31. Get up and run
  32. Buckle my Shoe
  33. All the threes
  34. Ask for more
  35. Jump and jive
  36. Three dozen
  37. A flea in heaven
  38. Christmas cake
  39. Those famous steps, All the steps
  40. Two score , Blind 40
  41. Life’s begun, Time for fun
  42. Whinny the Poo
  43. Down on your knees
  44. Droopy drawers, All the fours
  45. Halfway house, Halfway there
  46. Up to tricks
  47. Four and seven
  48. Four dozen
  49. Rise and shine
  50. Blind 50, Half a century,
  51. Tweak of the thumb
  52. Weeks in a year
  53. Stuck in the tree
  54. Clean the floor
  55. Snakes alive, All the fives
  56. Was she worth it?
  57. Heinz varieties
  58. Make them wait
  59. Brighton line
  60. Three score, Blind 60
  61. Bakers bun
  62. Tickety boo
  63. Tickle me
  64. The Beatles number, Red raw
  65. Old age pension
  66. Clickety click, All the sixes
  67. Made in heaven
  68. Saving grace
  69. Any way up, Either way up
  70. Three score and ten, Blind 70
  71. Bang on the drum
  72. A crutch and a duck, Six dozen
  73. Crutch with a flea, Queen B
  74. Candy store
  75. Strive and strive
  76. Trombones, Seven ‘n’ six
  77. Sunset strip, All the sevens
  78. Heavens gate
  79. One more time
  80. Gandhi’s breakfast, Blind 80,
  81. Fat lady and a little wee
  82. Fat lady with a duck
  83. Fat lady with a flea, Time for tea
  84. Seven dozen
  85. Staying alive
  86. Between the sticks
  87. Fat lady with a crutch
  88. Two fat ladies, All the eights
  89. Nearly there
  90. Top of the shop, Blind 90
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If playing Bingo online for the first time, or if you are a bingo beginner, this page should help you to understand the basic concepts of online bingo and some useful tips and hints so that you understand how to play bingo online

BINGO HELPFUL HINTS AND TIPS Bingo is a game of chance and luck and therefore the game is as exciting the 100th time you play as the first time!

However, despite bingo being a game of luck, there are always things that can be done to increase your chances of getting that coveted after Bingo.

It can be tempting to buy loads of bingo cards per game, especially when they are cheap, but watch out, because the more bingo cards you have, the more bingo cards you have to watch and it is easy to get into a muddle. It’s best to start off slowly (1-2 cards) until you get to grips with the speed that the caller goes (usually a number every 10 seconds) because if you have 20 cards, that time can go very quickly!! That is unless its all automated which is now the case with many of the bigger online bingo sites.

Some sites however, let you concentrate more on the socials aspect of online Bingo. You don’t need to watch the numbers on the cards as the Bingo caller announces the numbers, as the game manages all of that for you. This leaves you free to concentrate on chatting with all of you new online pals and making new friends.

To give yourselves a better chance of winning Bingo play at times when the sites are at their quietest. When there are fewer players at the bingo tables, there are fewer bingo cards in play. This will dramatically increase your chances of winning (especially if you have a few bingo cards in play at one time - this will increase your percentage of total bingo cards in play and therefore increase your odds of winning).

If you prefer the tension and excitement of the game, then you will love the busy halls. The suspense of the game when there are loads of people competing gives you a real buzz. And because the Bingo Sites are so community and bingo chat orientated, the more people online, the more friends you will make and more involved you will feel in the exciting world of online bingo.

Take advantage of the sites that offer free bingo games - use these to build your knowledge of the game and to get used to playing online. You can also visit site that offer no deposit bingo bonuses

Once you feel like you want to play with real money, try out the bingo sites that offer you free money when you register. This way you get the buzz of playing with real money and its for free!!!

If you want to play bingo there are a number of sites where you can claim a free bingo bonus without having to deposit any funds and then you can test out the site first to see if you like it. You can check out the bingo bonus section of our site for good bonuses, visit our bingo forum or read the bingo reviews

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