Little Big Bingo offering wonderful wins for pennies

little big bingoOnline bingo fans and enthusiasts are always looking for a worthy bingo site to spend their money on. Those who are in search of that particular site will find that the online bingo site called Little Big Bingo is a great place to spend their money. This is mainly because of the current promotion that the site is running which is called Pennies from Heaven.

The current promotion on Little Big Bingo is offering the site’s members some really good cash prizes. But that is not the only highlight of the Pennies from Heaven promotion.

little big bingoVisit Little Big Bingo here!

The online bingo site is selling bingo tickets for a penny so that online bingo players have the chance to win wonderful cash prizes for hardly anything at all.Games in this great promotion begin from midday and run every two hours. The first of these games gives bingo winners £20 and the prize money that players can win keeps on increasing all through the day. So by the end of the day, bingo players who are playing bingo by midnight have the chance to win £50.

Along with the Pennies from Heaven, Little Big Bingo is also running another promotion called Tuppence Treats for which the entry is only 2p. This online bingo promotion starts at 3:30 pm and games are played every two hours.

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