Little big bingo offer great games

little big bingoLittle big bingo offer some great games and bonuses and this month is no exception. The cheap online bingo site offers exclusive promotions which change and improve all the time.
Some of the offers run on a monthly or weekly basis For example the £1000 penny power guaranteed jackpot link on the specials link boasts its weekly giveaway running from 9pm every Friday cards selling at 1p! Buy ten 1p gaming cards to play in the Lucky bingo link on the site which runs every two hours for a chance to win from £20 up to £50 throughout the day,

Or perhaps you like the look of the pennies from heaven offer as like the Lucky bingo the option runs every two hours and gaming cards cost only 1p starting from midday every day you can win again £20 to £50, depending which time slot you play in. If you are looking to build your penny points, then visit the site on Saturday night at the Saturday Party Night link starting from 8pm and ending midnight, you can earn plenty of penny points in the live chat gaming rooms. Continuing on this comes Super Sunday were you can earn double penny points in any gaming room from 6pm till 12 midnight, so there is plenty of chances over the weekend every weekend to bag some points for your little big bingo site.

As ever little big bingo offer some great exclusive offers for your gaming benefit so that you get more bingo time for your money.

little big bingo

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