Launch of new bingo game to increase winning chances

  • Posted by: Des | Date January 1st, 2009

A new brand of an online bingo concept game has now been launched by Ladbrokes Bingo. This new game called Lucky Loft aims at bringing cheer to all those bingo players who are unsure of themselves while playing online bingo.

Lucky Loft is played with 90 balls. The design of this game aims at making people win bingo games a little easier than before. Hence the game gives players an added chance to win the game when they reach the 1TG stage, but fail to get a bingo.

Lucky Loft made its first entry on the 10th of December. The game features a small and strange looking ‘L’ shaped character known by the name Laddie. Laddie pops up when a player reaches the 1TG stage and calls for house on a single bingo ticket.

Laddie then goes about pulling down as many window blinds as possible, as he makes his way through a special house to find a cash prize to be won by the player at the end. The amount of the cash prize depends on the speed of Laddie’s legs. If he reaches the loft, the players will be awarded with a jackpot prize of £250.

Lucky Loft is restricted to Ladbrokes Bingo. This game will be open every day, beginning from noon and lasting till midnight. New bingo games will start every 7 minutes.

Charlie Goodenough of Ladbrokes Bingo said that they were thrilled to be the first bingo site to create such a fantastic feature that offered their players maximum chances of winning. He also added that the company hoped that all their customers enjoyed their game as Laddie earned them as much money as possible.

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