Game Village Bingo now has its 1st Super Ticket winner

  • Posted by: Des | Date February 19th, 2009

Game Village Bingo

Game Village Bingo, the online bingo site is extremely delighted to proclaim the very 1st winner of their new 90 ball bingo game along with a Super Ticket bonus feature within a month of its launch.

The Super Ticket is one of the exclusive features offered by Game Village Bingo. Each bingo ticket is allocated to a random prize value ranging from £0 to £2,000. If a Full House is won by the bingo player on his ticket, the equivalent reward money is also won. The 1st ever Super Ticket winner is known by his nickname MichaelMouse. Last week, he won a special Bingo reward whilst playing Bingo in the new 90 Ball room.

When interviewed by, MichaelMouse said that he had nearly forgotten to purchase his bingo ticket for the game as he was busy chatting. He purchased 2 strips and separate from the bingo game reward, he won an extra £2,000 which he was ecstatic about. He then kindly spread his wealth amongst all his Online Bingo buddies that were present in the chatroom. MichaelMouse also added that he was so excited when he won that he has not been able to play again because he hasn’t been able to move from the floor.

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