Cheeky Bingo offering free bingo and real cash prizes

cheeky bingo

Online bingo has become a popular past time for millions of people all over the world, especially in the UK. The craze has been so tremendous that more and more online bingo sites are offering customers excellent games and other services. The latest online bingo site to provide customers with news is Cheeky Bingo. This site is offering customers more than any other bingo site at the moment with its free bingo games.

Along with the free non-stop games, Cheeky Bingo is also offering cash prizes. Any online bingo fan would consider free bingo games as a great bonus and there are many other bingo sites that offer occasions when bingo is free to play. Cheeky Bingo however has taken their offers a step forward with unlimited free bingo games on offer to their customers where they can also win real cash prizes.

Online bingo fans will be delighted to hear that there are no strings attached to the offer as no deposit is required to play free bingo. Players only need to register and they can start playing free bingo games in three different rooms. The jackpots offered for the free bingo games range from £1 to £7. Although this is not that much, many players have won £20 and more in total.

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