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Latest Lucky Winners at Wink Bingo

You may remember us informing you about Wink Bingo’s Mothers Day weekend promotions last week.  Wink Bingo as you may recall was giving away five sets of designer cosmetics by Victoria Jackson which included lip gloss, bronzer, as well as a wide range of eye shadows and all the must have make up brushes to help you refine your make-up skills as they do say you cannot do a good job without the right tools!  Well the five lucky online bingo players to win in the Wink Bingo Between the Sheets – Sexy Mother Pucker promotion (Such a good name) were: Pegtastic, bex2244, AFH, kitten1101 and buttercup68.  So a huge congrats to all the lucky winners from the team at Sunlight Bingo.

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The celebrations didn’t stop there though because there were still more winners to come. Every Saturday holds a £2,500 jackpot 90 ball bingo game in their Saturday room starting at 9.15pm.  The lucky Wink bingo player to get full house was lovetheloot who won an impressive £1,250, the 2 lines jackpot of £750 was won by kellie2304, and easty111 got the one line jackpot of £500.  At a £1 per bingo card this may be a bit pricey for some bingo players but with such a large jackpot even if you only manage to buy one ticket then you are still in with a chance to win.

If you are one of the online bingo players that doesn’t ever play any of the instant games as you think that it isn’t possible to win ‘big’ then you may be in for a surprise.  On the 12th of March blondie31 won £3,550.48 on Wink Bingo’s Aztec Rising Progressive slot game.  We think this is a brilliant jackpot win, if only we could all be so lucky.  Let’s hope that there is still some luck of the Irish hanging around from St Patrick’s Day.

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