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Ladbrokes Bingo’s new promotion – wear it pink

ladbrokes bingoLadbrokes has just started their latest promotion for all their players to help raise money for charity. These games will be taking place throughout the entire month of October on every Friday. Players will get an opportunity to win some great cash prizes by helping Ladbrokes Bingo to raise funds for breast cancer.

The overall amount raised from Friday ticket sales at Ladbrokes Bingo will be given to the charity. So, the more you purchase, the more goes to a good cause.

Visit Ladbrokes Bingo here!

While purchasing these tickets, you can even enter the draw to win pink cupcakes and pink flowers. Another prize draw offers players with an opportunity to win free concert tickets to watch the well known singer ‘Pink’ in concert at the end of the month, two tickets and accommodation.

In order to qualify for the draws, you need to purchase a minimum of 12 tickets. With every 12th ticket you purchase, you will receive one entry into the draw. However, there are also few other ways with which you can win cash. Ladbrokes Bingo is also offering a cash prize for those people who send photos of themselves, family and friends, all dressed up in pink.

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