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Goal Bingo Kicks Off at Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo will be introducing a new promotion to celebrate the Fifa World Cup called Goal Bingo.  This excellent new online bingo promotion will be a real time game of 90 ball bingo that will take place during the World Cup between Friday the 11th of June and Sunday the 11th of July.

Tell Me More….

If you are thinking how can I play one 90 ball real time bingo game over a month?  Then we think you will be in for a nice surprise as Ladbrokes Bingo have randomly picked 90 football players from different football teams in the world cup and assigned them a number between 1 and 90 (which will be the bingo ball number) when one of the footballers scores a goal then players have to mark that number off their bingo card.  For Example: Wayne Rooney has been assigned bingo ball number 6 by Ladbrokes Bingo so when Rooney scores his first goal then players will mark number 6 off their bingo card if it is one of the numbers listed.

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How Can I Take Part?

Unfortunately not everyone can take part, and this is likely to be bad news for some online bingo players.  In fact only players who have received a printed unique 90 ball online bingo ticket in the post from Ladbrokes Bingo will be able to take part in the unique Goal Bingo promotion.  If you are one of the lucky players who have received a ticket, then please keep it safe as Ladbrokes Bingo have said they will not replace any lost tickets.  If you haven’t received a ticket then sadly you will not be able to take part in the promotion.  However as a consolation Ladbrokes Bingo will also be treating their online bingo players to free bingo games during every single World Cup match, so no need to be too disappointed.

What Can I Win?

The Ladbrokes Bingo site Goal Bingo promotion has a prize fund of £15,000 that will be split into the following prizes: £7,000 for a full house, £5,000 for 2 lines and £3,000 for 1 line.  It is worth remembering that the prizes can only be won by one online bingo player therefore as soon as you think you have won make a claim, because Ladbrokes Bingo has said that it will be first come first served on the prizes!

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