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Ladbrokes Bingo offer new hangman game

The new Ladbrokes Bingo game has had all of us at Sunlight Bingo Towers reminiscing about our school days, the times when we used to secretly play Hangman with our friends when we should have been doing our lessons.  If you are like the team here and used to love playing Hangman then you are going to love Ladbrokes Bingos latest Instant game named after the easy to play game.  The Ladbrokes Bingo version of Hangman is very similar to the original although it has a small twist that makes it much more interesting to an adult audience.

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So what’s The Twist?

The twist to the game is that the Ladbrokes Bingo Hangman game is also a general knowledge quiz.  Players have to answer multiple choice questions correctly to fill in the letters on a mystery phrase.  Therefore every question that is answered correctly will allow the player to pick a letter that could be in the hidden phrase.  The aim of the game is to guess the mystery phrase correctly which will allow the bingo player to progress along the awards bar.  The more mystery phrases that are answered correctly the further along the awards bar that the player will move.  Obviously the aim is to try and progress as far as down the awards bar as possible because the cash prize will be bigger at the end of the game.

How to win

Should the bingo player choose a letter that is incorrect then a limb will be added to the hangman, it is unfortunately game over when you either get hanged or guess a phrase incorrectly.

It is worth remembering as well that the more you progress down the awards bar the harder the multiple choice questions will be.  The Multiple choice questions will be based on the following categories:
•    Sport
•    People and Places
•    Science and Nature
•    Pop Music
•    A-Z
•    Pot Luck
•    Entertainment

If you think you have what it takes to beat the Hangman, then get on down to Ladbrokes Bingo today.

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