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King Jackpot Winner Is Up and Running

One of the latest winners at King Jackpot is back up and running because of her big win on the online bingo site.  After receiving a nice sum from playing online bingo, this winner put the money to a much needed expense.

Bitterne played in the slot machine games and walked away with more than £1500 for her time on the site.  It all started with the wins on the slot machines and only got better from there.

This lucky winner got a prize of £1252.50 in the Galaxy of Riches game and then went on to win another three figure prize on another slot machine. 

What makes this story more special is the particularly bad day this online player had before the big win.  It seems this player had some car repairs that needed to be completed, but she worried that she would not be able to afford the necessary repairs.  On top of the car repairs she was facing an insurance payment and the vehicle excise duty on her car.  This is something that a lot of us can more than relate to.

After the big win, this player had enough to take care of her troubles and had a great time winning it.  King Jackpot gave this player the money that was needed for all her troubles and get her back up and running. 

There are some really great promotions taking place on King Jackpot right now.  You can participate in the Beat the Bills Blues promotion which is going to give one lucky player a £150 a month for their bills for six months.  This is just one of the many promotions that are taking place on King Jackpot Bingo.  If you are looking for a great place to play online bingo and many other games, don’t forget to check out this great site.  There are a lot of sites out there offering online bingo, but King Jackpot bingo is one of the sites that will give you a chance to win some great cash prizes. 

When looking for a new site to play online bingo on, why not check out King Jackpot Bingo and see if you can win some of the great cash prizes on the site.  Whether you like online slots or bingo, this site has plenty to offer to their players.  Just take a look at the latest winner and you will see how rewarding playing on this site can be.

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